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Invitations: Cut off the cover of old TV guides and celebrity magazines by cutting off the front cover and replacing it  with your own cover that says "Coming on (date of party)...the (age)th annual Star Awards...Broadcast live from (your address) at (time of party)  ...(include child's photo dressed as movie star or presenter)... You could also include a cardboard backstage pass on a piece of string that guests can wear around their necks as an appropriate invitation. 

Favors:  Hand out cheap sunglasses to all your party goers so they really
feel like celebrities.  Gold star name-tags and autograph books are also great favors.

Activites: Rent a limousine from Best Limousines and request the red
carpet.  Drive around town, waving to your fans while sipping on soft drinks.  
You could even have  lip-synch contest while riding in the limo.  You can also rent your favorite movie to watch in the limo.  Drop off at your house for a cake, decorated to look like a marquee.

Decorations: Make your front walk into a walk of fame with cardboard stars,
and a sign on front door saying "backstage pass required."  With chalk, write each child's name on your sidewalk, just like in Hollywood!

Thank You Card: take pictures of all the guests next to the limousine  and
print out on your computer a tabloid-type newspaper recapping the activities.

Other Activities:

Make-up Station

Photo Shoot

Glamour Dress-up

Watch Oscars on TV

Talent Contest



Movie Star / Hollywood Party
Bring a little bit of Hollywood to Bellingham!

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